Hello there! Welcome to The North Wind, my place for sharing my photographs, recipes, words and ideas. I hope you love reading it as much as I enjoy creating it. You can find some more of my writing at The Odyssey and Spoon University. Additionally I've had my photos published in Cereal Magazine Volume 4 as part of their Forest Gallery, and also Hindsight Zine.

My name is Bec! I'm a 20 year-old student, bibliophile and lover of all things eco-friendly. I'm a junior at a small liberal arts college in Washington State, USA, double-majoring in English Literature and History, although for Spring 2017 I am studying abroad at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. I'm originally from Melbourne, Australia, and love returning home to such a beautiful city when I can. I love reading, cooking and baking, binge watching historical dramas, my cat, my family and friends, and David Attenborough documentaries.

At age fifteen I was diagnosed with both Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, which actually affects around 15% of women, and migraines. My health journey has had a big impact on my life, and over the last few years I have been working on finding the diet and lifestyle that suit me best, so I plan to share some of my health/fitness adventures as I learn and change my lifestyle.

For most of the photos shared, I use my Canon EOS 500D (aka the Rebel T1i), although from time to time I will share photos taken with my iPhone 5S or even my Fujifilm Instax Neo polaroid camera (which I love so much!)

The name The North Wind is inspired by a north wind itself: bringing change, over and over again. I split my time between Australia and the USA, in each country the north wind has a very different significance. So, I thought it fit as a title. Constant change, and never the same in two places.

Here you can expect to find personal style and beauty posts, recipes and reviews of restaurants, my thoughts on environmental issues, and lifestyle posts of my daily life and travels. Be sure to check back soon, happy browsing!

x B

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