Saturday, 15 July 2017

Photo Diary: Scottish Highlands in 35mm Film

After a month at home in Australia, I figure now is the time to start posting the latest rolls of film I had developed. It was so nice to pop into the photo shop and flick through these memories again, but there are so many photos that I think I will break it down into a few posts. Up first, my trip to the Scottish Highlands!

In late April, my friend Katy and I caught the train from Edinburgh up to Inverness for a few nights. We had booked a lovely Air BnB with a cozy living room because we knew that after a day of exploring we really needed to start studying for our Scottish Lit exam, and this space would be the perfect place to do just that. Needless to say, the apartment was so cozy we just drank tea and napped when we weren't outside, so that plan didn't quite work out... not helped by the fact that springtime in the Highlands isn't very 'spring-like' and it was sleeting/snowing for the majority of our trip. Oh well! We still had a blast. We walked around Inverness, visited Culloden Field, Clava Cairns and took a day trip up through the mountains to the Isle of Skye. Absolutely incredible.

One particular memory that stands out was stopping at a waterfall with our tour group, where we were given some time to climb up to the top and take pictures. I started the climb up, and quickly realized the terrain was exceptionally muddy. As in, so muddy my feet started sinking into the earth. I called out to Katy, who was watching from below, and lost my balance, ending up wrist-deep in the dirt. I ended up climbing down so that I could wash my hands, boots, and knees in the stream at the bottom, which was chillingly ice-cold. Ha!

I hope you enjoy these shots as much as I enjoyed exploring this beautiful part of the world!

x B

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Clan Fraser memorial stone at Culloden -- as a fan of Outlander this was simultaneously exciting/emotional 

Winding walk in the hail to get to Clava Cairns from Culloden

Clava Cairns - a Bronze Age stone memorial

View on the drive up to Skye -- such an incredible landscape

Eilean Donan Castle

Eilean Donan Castle

Portree Harbour on the Isle of Skye -- a lovely lunch spot in the sun!

Portree Harbour on the Isle of Skye


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