Friday, 27 January 2017

Study Abroad Diary: Nesting

The day I arrived at my Edinburgh accommodation, I nearly broke down in tears. I've always felt it is important to have a 'safe space' that you can escape to when needed, and to find my room adorned with red curtains, red carpet, and a bright blue door (not to mention the extremely dated furniture), was a bit of a shock. After a little bit of a meltdown and some complaining to Mum, I decided it was time to visit IKEA and turn this dark space into a cozy and inviting bedroom for the next six months. I've always loved turning something plain into something beautiful, so this was the perfect challenge. And the results? A total success. I love this space now, it is the perfect inviting place to be after a long day of classes and exploring Edinburgh.

Some of the key purchases I made were a floor lamp and lovely green desk lamp from IKEA, as well as a faux sheepskin rug for my chair (it's so fluffy!) and of course, a nice selection of novels. My advice would be to have a look at your budget, see how much you can spend on decor, and just go for it. It has made my time so far substantially more comfortable. If you are planning to study abroad, or even if you just find yourself with a space that's a bit 'umph,' I hope you can find some inspiration here.

Papercutting is a new hobby! Add some tealights and you have a very 'hygge' setup. 

Adore my new IKEA bedding

Mood lighting, only six pounds at IKEA!

My ever-growing stack of books, I'm doing well with the Goodreads reading challenge for 2017.


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