Saturday, 17 October 2015

An Introduction

I have a vivid memory of being four years old, returned from a friend's birthday party. I arrived home with a painted face and a wand in hand, and danced around my bedroom all afternoon because I felt beautiful and powerful and like nobody could hold me down. I was four years old and I had the most wonderful sense of self-worth (which has slowly but surely fluctuated over the last decade or so). This year I decided that I wanted to feel as beautiful, powerful and independent as that four year old did, so I set myself a list of five goals to achieve by the time I reach twenty (next year, what???) years old. 
  1. Not give a shit what strangers think of you. Sure, I care what my friends think of me. This doesn't mean I'm going to change who I am or what I look like based on their opinions. I respect them but I don't always agree with them. So if my friends don't control my perception of myself, why should strangers? With this comes two 'sub-goals' to help increase my confidence: a) increased fitness; and b) increased hydration for lovely skin.
  2. Read a book (for pleasure) every month. It might not seem like a challenge, but on top of all my assigned reading for school, I think I'll be busy.
    1. Smile more! Smile at strangers, at cute boys, at professors, at lovely old couples walking their dogs around campus. Life's too short, spread joy wherever possible.
    2. Declutter! I'll never be a minimalist (too attached to my books), but I do want to sort through my belongings before I hit the big 2-0.
    3. Go vegan! I've been vegan off-and-on for the last six months, and vegetarian for six years, so this is something I hope to become more committed to.
    So, anyways. That was a pretty hopeless introduction. I tried.
    Basically, I'm Bec, I'm currently a sophomore at a little west-coast college and I'm originally from Melbourne, Australia.

    Until next time,


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